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Java Developer

Penempatan : Jakarta HO   Job Description: Responsible for the programming and development of applications and software. Analysis and…
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July 19, 2022 in Careers

Android App Developer (Mobile App Development)

Penempatan : Jakarta HO   Job Requirements: Mobile App Function Development App Maintenance and trouble…
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Legal Supervisor

Candidate must possess at least Bachelor's Degree in Law or equivalent. At least 3 year(s)…
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Korindo Careers

Korindo and Work Culture

Korindo Abadi Papua / owner of korindo group has dedicated himself for more than five decades to contribute in advancing the quality of life of people in Indonesia. Various efforts were made, including creating massive employment opportunities and empowering the community in every economic activity as well as social responsibility.

By adhering to the tagline “One Step Ahead”, the owner of Korindo Group Abadi has and will continue to carry out various innovations that have made us a pioneer. This commitment has also made us known as a leader in various fields in the Southeast Asian market.

The owner of Korindo Group believes that our achievements so far cannot be separated from the role of employees who are fully dedicated to the company. Therefore, we highly appreciate the performance of our employees by trying to create a positive work environment and culture.

Appreciation for Korindo Korea employees

Various appreciation programs are given by Korindo Papua to workers. One of them is by providing scholarships for children of employees who excel. This program is a form of appreciation as well as our efforts to contribute in the education sector.

Korindo Values ​​diversity

Korindo Group is a company that highly values ​​diversity. We respect diversity and believe that everyone has equal opportunities. This diversity includes obvious differences such as age, gender and ethnicity as well as subtle differences, including work location and educational background.

Support employee development

We believe that every employee has the right to continue to develop their skills and career. As an innovative company, PT Korindo Group seeks to assist employees in pursuing this potential through various planned training and development programs.

Korindo: Efficient and effective time management

Time is the most valuable commodity for all levels of workers. Therefore, it is important for Korindo Group Owners to encourage them to use it wisely. We believe that efficient and effective time management will make the company’s business productive which also has a positive impact on all employees.

Encouraging team work in Korindo Group

Cooperation is an important thing to develop a business. Korindo Group continues to motivate and encourage all employees to help each other to achieve common goals.



Korindo Group Selection Process

Korindo Group strives to recruit the right human resources (HR). We also ensure that those who have dedicated their time to us will grow and develop together.

In the Korindo Group recruitment process, there are several stages that prospective employees must go through.

Korindo – Administration selection

At this stage, Korindo Group will ensure the correctness of the data and documents that have been sent by prospective employees to our official email. This stage aims to help us understand your career path and abilities. Some of the documents that are usually needed are Curriculum Vitae, job application letters, diplomas along with transcripts and photos.

Personality test in Korindo

In the personality test process, prospective employees are asked to perform a number of different tests within a predetermined time duration.

Interview in PT. Korindo

After that, representatives of Korindo Group Abadi will have formal and comprehensive conversations with prospective employees. This stage is done so that we can conduct further evaluation before deciding to recruit applicants.

At this stage, we will usually dig up information that prospective employees know about the Korindo Group Owner and the field of work they are aiming for.

Korindo: Offering letter

This stage is the last step of the recruitment process as well as the initial step of the work agreement between the company and the employee. The offering letter explains the rights and responsibilities of the employee.

We remind you to be careful of potential fraudulent activities from individuals or groups posing as recruitment agencies. PT Korindo Group would like to emphasize that each of our business units never asks candidates to pay administrative fees.

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