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Our Stories

The working environment that feels like family and prioritizes professionalism encourages me to work passionately. I will continue to be committed in implementing the Occupational Safety and Health Management System (SMK3) through various trainings for the safety of all employees and guests.

NurohmadHSE Manager of KHI Balaraja

It is great to work for a company that is open to new ideas and suggestions. We have the ability to manage our desks, create our daily schedules. The Executive Team has an open door policy, so you have support whenever you need it. Recruiters and Account Managers are constantly learning about people, technologies, companies and different industries. It is very satisfying helping people find jobs and helping companies find employees that they need. We are sales people so we are wheeling and dealing which is exciting and are rewarded by helping people find employment that suits their needs.

Zahra MuffitaFinancial Services Division

What I like most about working at Korindo is the support network we have in place, for our internal employees, our consultants and our client companies. If I have an issue or question, there is a "specialist" on staff who can help me with that situation. Likewise, I think the reason our client companies are able to put their faith and trust in us is because of the support we are able to provide. It is my belief that, because of how we're structured and the levels of support we're able to offer, our client companies have the confidence to allow us to assist them with some of their most crucial staffing needs.

Hamdi SyuhadaLogistics Division

Recruiting is both challenging and rewarding. I also enjoy meeting new people that have both diverse and concise skills. It is a constant reminder of how small our world really is when we speak with someone that may not necessarily have the exact skills we need, however they have a friend or family member that does. In retrospect when I find a position that lines up with that person who may not have been a fit for my previous position, I find it to be especially fulfilling to be able to revisit that person and speak to them about a position that is a perfect fit.

Bob ZulkarnainTechnical Recruiter Division